HLG 100 v2




The HLG 100 V2 is a 95 watt indoor LED grow light.

Each HLG 100 V2 uses a custom designed, high efficiency white light, Quantum Board with 192 Samsung LM301H LEDs.

Plug and Play– attach the driver and you are ready to hang!

For a more powerful option, check out the HLG 225 or the HLG 135w Kit


2′ x 2′ area for flowering

3′ x 3′ area in veg


We recommend the 3000K spectrum for flowering and general use

(3000k is a good choice for seed to harvest)

We recommend the 4000K spectrum for veg use

(4000k a good choice for a veg light or for growing microgreens)



High efficiency white light Quantum Boards
Full-spectrum White LEDs
Reliable passive-cooled design
Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
Power supply included

This light is NOT dimmable


Power-95 watts
Voltage Range- 90-264 VAC

System PPF Efficacy- 2.45 ╬╝mol/joule
Total output- 235 PPF
Dimensions- 12.75″ x 11.5″

Additional information


3000k (Full Cycle Use), 4000k (Veg Use)

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